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Customizable Game Board

The play board is a plate made by printed paper gluded on rigid cardboard. 

As per your requirements or the size of box, we could design it to be folded 2 times or tri folded to make it be suited to the box.

It’s the soul of board game. All the compents of board gmae will be used on it. And the rule of game is printed on.

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Play Board

A attractive play board is the most important point to make it hotsale

What's the material of play board

Most of play board is rigid cardboard, which have 2-3mm thickness and have printing on it. Lamination on the playboard to make sure the surface is strong after being scratched many times. Also you could set it be thick paper. More introcductions as below.

Rigid card board have 3 layers. Surface is one sheet of printed paper with lamination, which to show the rule and other information of the boardgame. Middle layer is one sheet of rigid cardboard paper, which is around 2-3 mm in order to make the board to be shaped. And the back printed paper is glued on, which is used for decorative outside.

Another solution is a thick paper, which have only one layer with lamination. Looks like a map to guide you how to start this game. It’s thinner than cardboard, but it could help you save much cost.

customizable game board
customizable game board
customizable game board

More Samples Of Play Board FYI

Play Video about Play board of game

Thick cardboard play board

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Thin paper play board

What is the prices of cardboard play board

The playing board is one important part of the whole board game, so there is no separated quotation for itself. Our team will include this cost in the quotation for custom board game when you provide your requirements via the form as below.

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