Custom Miniatures

Handicraft generally refers to collectible character models, and may also refer to models of cars, buildings, videos, plants, insects, ancient creatures or imaginary things. In Chinese, human figures mainly refer to the periphery of character model animation based on ACGN characters. As more and more ACGN fans, the quality and artistry of human figures are getting higher and higher, and the collection of human figures is also growing.

There are generally three kinds of commonly used materials: PVC, resin and clay PVC, which generally mean that the plastic has low cost and good performance and is suitable for mass production, but it is difficult to process, which is not suitable for personal DIY. The processing method is generally one-time casting molding or 3D printer. The most common representative is the Gouda model.

Custom Resin Figures

custom resin figures
custom miniatures

Custom resin figurines usually refers to the organic polymer that has a softening or melting range after being heated, and tends to flow under external force during softening. It is solid, semi-solid, or sometimes liquid at room temperature. Broadly defined, any polymer compound that can be used as raw material for plastic products processing is called resin. The advantage is that the plastic property of resin material is very strong, and it can be used to make various shapes.

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PVC Maniatures / Plastic Figurines

PVC is a white powder with amorphous structure, and its degree of branching is small. Its glass transition temperature is 77~90 ℃, and it starts to decompose at about 170 ℃ [1]. It has poor stability to light and heat. When it is above 100 ℃ or exposed to sunlight for a long time, it will decompose to produce hydrogen chloride, which will further automatically catalyze decomposition, causing discoloration, and its physical and mechanical properties will also decline rapidly. In practical applications, stabilizers must be added to improve the stability to heat and light.

Clay Material

Clay is a cohesive soil with few sand particles. It is not easy for water to pass through and has good plasticity. Common clay is formed by weathering of silicate minerals on the earth’s surface. It is generally weathered in situ. It is called primary clay or primary clay if the particles are large and the composition is close to the original stone. The clay is mainly composed of silica and alumina. It is white and fire-resistant. It is the main raw material for preparing porcelain clay.

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