Board Game Components

Parts for boardgames

The packaging boxes here is for the decorative boxes for your board game components. And you could make it in magnetic closure box, drawer box, lid and base box and also corrugated paper box…etc, which is depend on how do you highlight your brand and your budget on this project.

Play board is the most important part of the board game components, mostly it is made by 2-2.5mm thick cardboard and glued insdie the printed paper, which is guide of how to game. The thickness of cardboard is depend on the size of board you design. And you could do some surface finsihing on it to highlight some points.

Wooden board game components are avaiable for some numbers, letters or dices, which is friendly to environments and childrens. You could color it as per any color you want and design it as the shape you would like. Click to know more details about the wooden components.


It refers to the uncoated resin module kit, which is a kind of collection model and one of the surrounding Japanese animation, The original English text is garage kits (GK), which means model kits. It especially refers to the model kit that is not painted and assembled. It requires a series of complex processes such as grinding, assembly and coloring by players themselves, and it is much more difficult than ordinary model making. The main material is resin.

Play Cards

Play cards that provides entertainment, gambling, or both with one or more decks of cards. In order to make it is friendly to environment, most cards are made by paper. To make it best touch feeling, the cards are varnished and be trimmed in rounded corner. Also, you can custom surface finishing for it.

Plastic Components

For some small components, which is important to exist and it’s hard to make it’s own shape by paper material. So the plastic material is the best to work. And you could choose some available plastic components to reduce your cost of board game, due to custom moudle of plastics is expensive.

board game components


It is a treasure used for throwing in traditional Chinese folk entertainment. It existed as early as the Warring States period. It is usually used as a small prop for table games. The most common dice is six sided dice. It is a regular cube with one to six holes (or numbers) on it respectively. The sum of the numbers on the opposite sides must be seven

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